Serin and Rico – Arctic Mermaid

1/4 size Serin and Rico are back at The Gem in a new limited version. Serin and Rico – Arctic Mermaid may be ordered until 6:00 PM February 9th, Korea time.

The basic Little Gem doll is sold blank with a choice of a human or mermaid body. Both the Rico and Serin heads are included. An additional human body may be added. The mermaid will include shell ears, mermaid hands, a mermaid belly and fish tail. The mermaid tail comes in a choice of ice pearl or blue ice pearl. Additional options include a face-up for one or both heads, body blushing and parts blushing.  The mermaid tail comes in two blushing styles, ice blue or ice blue with violet. The extra body may also be optionally blushed. The outfit, eyes and wig shown are available separately.


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