Granado is preparing to release their first vinyl doll. The new line will be called Vindoll. The first doll released will be Udell. He will come in a choice of normal, tan or bronze skin. The doll is 66cm tall. He is lighter than resin dolls and very poseable.

(BJDcollectasy has decided to include Vindolls in our list of vinyl and ABS dolls as they are designed to be customizable and of a style and quality that would appeal to BJD enthusiasts.)

From the company:

After 1.5 years of research and development, we Granado, has finally finished our first soft vinyl doll, and we called this new series VINDOLL.
We use VIN as a short form for vinyl, and also in Swedish “vind” means wind. This should show how light our VINDOLLs are.

Our first VINDOLL, Udell, will be released on 26th Jan, 2017.

Udell 1st Pre-order full package
Early Bird Price
Skin Type: N / T / B
Set includes:

Udell’s Head with Eyes, VINDOLL body set, Underwear, Random color fur wig

VINDOLL body set

Early Bird Price
Skin Type: N / T / B
Set includes: VINDOLL body set

Request Options: Udell’s Head

:: First round of pre-order ::
From 26th Jan, 2016 to 26th Feb, 2017

:: Special ::
1) The first batch of VINDOLL Udell is planned to ship around May to June, 2017.
2) VINDOLL line will not join our Chinese New year Event 2017.