~Winter Wear – Cape~

This cape, like the hood design last week, may be assembled with a lining or with two different materials making it reversible.  The hood and cape work well together, and the hood could even include snaps at the bottom to snap to the cape making it a  work as a 1/piece. The cape pattern is designed to fit the childish 1/4 girls and “baby” style dolls.  The models here are Comi Baby Doll Peridot and 1/4 MaskCatDoll girl Anemone.


Pattern front panels

Pattern back panel


Matching thread

Sewing supplies (needles, pins, etc…)

Cut out pattern pieces.  The narrower piece is for the back and should be cut on a fold.  Two front panels and one back panel in each materiel are needed.

Each side should be assembled with 1/4 wide seams as seen below.  Once done, pin the two sides together at the seams as shown here.

Stitch together the  the sides and the neck leaving the bottom hem open.  Turn the project inside out and press the seams.

The bottom seams on each side may be hemmed separately or sewn together.

Like the hood, the cape can be fastened with a hook or snap or it can be pinned on with a brooch.

Instructions and the pattern for the hood can be found HERE.

Finished cape with matching hood:

On Anemone:

On Peridot:






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