Kobalt at Octarine Dolls

Octarine Dolls has 6 Kobalt dolls from OtherSide.  The doll is 26cm tall. She is available in two resin colors. She will come with a face-up, wig and a pair of eyes.

From the retailer:

We have 6 Kobalt dolls left for sale fresh from the latest batch of pre-orders – You can purchase them through Octarine only.

Other Side is not planning to launch another pre-order for them anytime soon.

One Dark tan & one light tan with make-up are available here.

You can also still order a dark tan or a light tan nude or with the make-up of your choice by Other Side
2 dolls in each resin are still available – here

If you need a lay-away or if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out!

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