Garion Dokkebi

Idealian is selling two versions of new Idealian75 doll Dokkebi Garion.  The doll comes in two versions, Forgotten Kingdom and Bloody Red Skin.

Garion Dokkebi Bloody Red Skin is a limited edition of only 20 dolls. He comes with both a Garion (human) and Dokkebi head and Dokkebi hands and feet. Options include a face-up, body blushing (with or without tattoos), additional human parts, and a face-up for the human head.

The doll is also sold in other resin colors. Forgotten Kingdom Garion Dokkebi may be ordered in normal, cream white or tawny resin. Customers may choose the Garion or the Dokkebi parts for the doll. Options include a face-up and body blushing. The order period ends January 27th.