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artBimong has opened a new doll pre-order for 2017.

From the artist:

Happy New Year! We hope everything well.
It has been about 3 months after the 1st pre-order.

We are very appreciated that your greatest support during the last year, so we could create more creative products in the nice work environment.
But we are deeply sorry for that we could not deliver the products in time that we made promise with you.
It is just because of our passion to make the best quality of product which could bring you the best experience of Bimong Doll. We hope you to understand our eager to make a perfect doll for you.
And we will try to share every photos and videos of steps of production.

From the sketching to the beautiful doll is taking about 2 ~ 6 months.
But our new model came out less than 3 months, because of we have already studied and produced the Triple Joint Structure.
Therefore, you will be able to check working joint parts of Narae 40 (2nd pre-order) in a half month.

In this 4th pre-order, you are able to order individually of the face, hand, feet, and breast parts which we have made a gift pack with 2nd pre-order.
And when you order the body, you will get N40 size couple kiss heads as a gift (which is same as 3rd pre-order).

For the new Narin body will have the same (or even better) joints structure.
We will reconstruct and modify the Ver.2 body for the new Narin, so he will have slim muscles look and feel. And he will be able to pose variously due to the new joints structure.
We think the production will take about maximum 2 months.

Please remind that above when you order the New Narin 46cm. And if you have any idea during the production, you can always send an Instagram message at any time.
With your idea, the new Narin could be more meaningful doll for you and us.

We are also planning to share the custom production of the 16 inches Fashion doll – ShahTi and YSD 27 cm size ? Chuu.

*Note: The order amount increased by every month, and our manufacturing and shipping schedule is very tight for the previous pre-order. So we decided to receive only certain amount of order for this month. This decision is to build a strong trust between you and art-bimong doll.
So the pre-order period is 10 days, but it could be ending sooner than that.

*Layaway: Separate payment system is same as previous,
$150 at the purchase, and we allow you to send us with 2 installments which you can make a half and another balance to complete the payment.
You will receive your product after the payment completed.

Thanks for reading this long message. And we promise to bring a perfect artwork for you.
We wish you and your family will have wealth and peace in this year of 2017.

All the best,


NARIN 40 gift head

Narae 40 gift head

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