Migidoll Review Event

Migidoll is asking owners of their BJDs to submit reviews and photos of their dolls. For a limited time, all participants will receive purchase points, and a few reviewers will receive gifts.

From the company:

Migidoll review event

Migidoll will proceed the goods review event.

Everyone who received or purchased our dolls at Migidoll site, Migidoll friends (dealers) site and the conventions in every contry can join.

Please upload the wonderful pictures with your loving reviews on our gallery containing the good points, the things to be improved, wishes and etc.

All participants will get a saving point of 20 point and the besr reviewers as 3 persons on International will get the Haru full set on the first one, Adventurer clothes set (M-Style type) on the second one, 50 point as a present on the third.

From Jan. 13 to Feb. 13 (6 pm in Korean local time) you can join, and the prizewinners will be noticed on the notice board on Feb. 14.

Awaiting your participation.

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