TaoWu Beast and Human

A new limited edition doll, TaoWu in both “Feirce Beast” and Human versions has been released by LoongSoul. Only 60 sets of ToWu Beast will be released. Both 68cm tall dolls may be ordered in opaque resin in white and normal yellow and in translucent imported resin in white, normal yellow and grey.

Fierce Beast TaoWu may be purchased as a basic doll with optional face-up, partial (beast body) or full(beast body and human parts) body blushing, outfit, wig, resin mask and painting on the mask. He will come with both human and beast arms and legs.Full-set TaoWu will include everything but the body blushing which may be added.

Human TaoWu is sold blank with an optional face-up, body blushing and painted mask. He is a limited doll as well, and will be discontinued when all the sets of TaoWu Beast are sold.

A discount is offered to purchasers of TaoWu. From 10th From now untilFebruary 10th he will be sold with 10% off.
From  February 11th to the 15th of March, he will be 8% off.

Loongsoul dolls may be purchased through the company and through their authorized retailers including Alice’s Collections.