Mystic Eyes Pre-order

Mystic Eyes International has opened the first pre-order for 2017.

From the shop:

Hello everyone, I am happy to announce the 15th pre-order for Mystic Eyes will begin from Jan 10th till Feb 12th, 2017.
We are taking pre-order for all range of eyes – Regular series, Limited series, UV series, Non pupil series, Flat Pupil series, Real Human Pattern series, Pearl Shine series and including special Custom eyes or Albino eyes order.

Please feel free to submit your order and info to me via my online order form > LINK
or you can send in your order to my email.

NOTE: Please do take some time to read through the Ordering Terms and Condition before placing an order. > LINK

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop me an email.

StarDust & Tender eyes Series
** Both series has Flat Pupil features & available for Low, High and/or Normal dome.
** StarDust series has slight glitter shimmer in Iris with matching pupil colors whereas Tender series has non glitter shimmer feature but it has the dreamy look.

For more closeup photos please visit the website link here > CLICK HERE <