Jijimi Bags

SWITCH is preparing to sell a limited number of Jijimi Bags. They go on sale January 11th.2017 at 14:00 Korea time.

The Type 1 bag will contain 1Siesta hand set for HD 65boy in (normal skin) , 1 Cupcake set,  1 Wig (Size : M /L), a pair of Eyelashes and 1 Silicon Cap.

The Type 2 bag will contain 1 pair of eyes (Color : Aquamarine / Scuba Blue Randomly in Sizes 14mm / 16mm / 18mm), 1 Cupcake set, 1 Wig (Size : M/L), a set of Eyelashes and 1 Silicon Cap.

The Type 3 bag will contain 3 Wigs (Size : M/L), a pair of Eyelashes and 1 Silicon Cap.

Hand set