M de H

M de H is a new clothing shop from Korea. A pre-order for coats, turtlenecks and boots is now open.

From the store:

Hello. I’m M de H.
my first greeting. Nice to meet you !

Here is the first overseas order.
I make clothes and shoes for bjd dolls. And sell it on my blog. (www.mdeh.kr)

Orders are only available when the notice is uploaded.
Once the clothing is out of stock, complete the closing notice.

** Only Three items are available for this order **

Touch / Black. Khaki – Padding jacket

Engineer Boots

Basic T Shirt

The size of the clothes and shoes is SD13, SD17.

:: How to Order ::

Please refer to the ‘overseas order’ boards on blog.
There is an overseas order guide. (M de H : 마종드화용 : 네이버 블로그)
Read the overseas order guide and send me mail. (fill out the form)

but, sales are impossible if all clothing is sold out.

After confirming the mail, I will definitely reply.
If my reply is late, please wait a little more.

Welcome to your question.

E mail : mdeh8_8@naver.com
Twitter : @m_de_h
instagram : m_de_h