Stacy’s Pink Ocean is selling a new limited edition half-deer boy, Funan, from company SIO2. He is 35cm tall excluding resin wig and antlers. The BJD comes with single or double joined body. At this time, not all of the details for Funan are finalized. More photos will be available soon.

Hi! I’m happy to be able to introduce you the SIO2 new special doll-The deer’s Male. He has very cute face, but he has a deer body. He is a limited doll. You know, SIO2 limited doll only sell one time. You can’t buy their limited doll after the sale period. I am very happy to get the right to sell this doll, and I hope you also like him.^^

Sales Period: Jan 5th, 2017 ~ Feb 5th 2017

Delivery Time: All dolls will be delivered in Shanghai DP,around May or later.