Tory Dreaming and Tory Sleeping

Miyadoll is a new Korean BJD company. Two limited edition dolls have just been released; Tory Dreaming and Tory Sleeping. The 31cm tall BJDs come in regular resin colors normal, white, cream white and milk tea or special colors baby pink or violet grey. Customers may order the doll with a boy or girl body and purchase one or both heads. Glass eyes are included with the basic doll. Gifts will also be included with purchase: a second pair of hands (clenched), kitty ears and a bear pouch. Options for the dolls include a face-up (default or special), hand blushing, kitty ear painting, outfit in colors navy or wine, additional outfit, and choice of pink or brown for the bear pouch.

Tory Sleeping and Tory Dreaming may be found under the limited section HERE. The pre-order ends February 28th Korea time.