~Giggles and Goofball~

Today I have not one but two little BJDs to show off! They are Giggles and Goofball. (Technically, the one doll is “Giggle” but I prefer Giggles for my little guy.) They are best friends and are inseparable, and so they are offered as a set. Giggles and Goofball were created by American artist Bo Bergemann of Bergemann Dolls. (While the company is no longer laking pre-orders, interested customers may contact the artist to see if she has Giggles and Goofball still in stock.)

I have a number of dolls by the artist, but these guys are the smallest of them all at only 4 inches (10cm) for Giggles and a little less for Goofball.

They arrived together in this little box:

Both BJDs were attached to a cardboard backing with twist ties.  They came with face-ups, outfits, a wig (for Giggles), eyes and a tail (for Goofball) and a little beanbag chair.

Here’s Giggles. While he is dressed as a “he”, the body is a sexless “angel” style body. He could easily be made into a “she”.  In fact, Bo did dress Giggles both ways (see photos at the bottom). The doll has a magnet mounted on top of the head-cap.  It corresponds to another magnet on the wig.

Goofball’s tail is also magnetically attached.

While their bodies are similar, Goofball has shorter legs and no knee joint, paw hands and feet and a stockier build. Giggles has a little paunchy belly.

Goofball and Giggles are tightly strung.  For some reason, they both have left legs that are a bit kicky.  Even so, with a little effort, I was able to make Giggles stand.  I could not make Goofball stand at all. His paw feet angled downward and would not stay flat enough.

Both dolls are single-jointed at the elbows and knees. Giggles is far more limber.  His upper torso joint can move further and his legs with their knee joints work well. The lower torso joint on Giggles moves less and Goofball’s moves hardly at all. (He is built more like a stiff older dog than a puppy!) Despite the single joints to the elbows, both dolls can touch their foreheads, and chin and even reach and touch their backs.

Goofball wears a t-shirt with his name and a teddy bear holding a surf board.  His red print board shorts includes the same bear motif.

Giggles has sock monkey-themed printed overalls and matching hat.  He also has a striped t-shirt and little blue boots.

Both little guys fit well with 1/12 scale dollhouse furniture.  Being a little kid and a little dog, they are not big up enough for their feet to touch the floor!

Since this is Christmas day, I couldn’t resist posing the dolls in one of our Christmas trees, this one a live Norfolk pine.  Goofball and Giggles are perfectly at home among the decorations!

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!

Here are photos by the artist:


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