Shen and Chen Preview

Ringdoll is working on two new dolls Shen and Chen, that will be available soon.

From the company:

The upcoming two dolls of archaic style are Shen in grown size and Chen in teenager size.

The decorative patterns on their clothes are embroidery. Embroidery is rarely used in BJD because of high requirement about craft and skills. But we make it this time. To improve hard texture where thread is embroidered, different floss have been tested and the most expensive one with the softest rayon was chosen. The crafting process is even with greater difficulty, with changes more than seven times, what we desired has been eventually made.
Please kindly note that what shows in picture is not the final effect. Our artist is still working on adding fantastic accessories for them.

Xin & Chen are estimated to be released as non-limited dolls in January,2017. Their outfit with embroidery will be available for separate purchase then.