Free Choice Teenie Gem Open

The Teenie Gem Free Choice Event has begun at The Gem. The 1/6 size dolls are offered in a choice of normal, cream white or tawny skin resin. Customers may select a choice of head and body type including centaur.  A face-up and body blushing are optionally available.

From the company:

2016 Free Choice Event_ Teenie Gem


Period : Open on Dec 14th (Wed) 2016 A.M 11 ~ Close Dec 28th (Wed) A.M 11 _Korean Time
* Sales for one head + one body as a set; make-up is available.
(Ex. Ordering one body with two head is not possible)
*Make-up and body blushing will be same as original version; however, these will be done according to its skin type.
*Layaway payment is acceptable.

Teenie Gem Head Choices

Teenie Gem Head Choices

Teenie Gem Body CHoices

Teenie Gem Body Choices