Rosen Lied for Christmas

Rosen Lied has updated their site with new limited edition dolls. The company has posted a 3-part layaway program which may be seen HERE.

The holiday event for the company has begun.

From Rosen Lied:

Christmas event will be on through December 13th ~ December 27th.
We give presents according to each amounts.

$100 – Antler parts (Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Holiday’s size)
* All antler parts are in bottom color, same as the parts in Monday’s, Tuesday’s child photos.

$200 – Doll carrier blanket (Tuesday’s or Holiday’s size)

$350 – Special outfit (Holiday’s or Tuesday’s size)

* Please leave a message on the memo or through our help desk,
in order to let us know which size of the gift you want.
If you don’t leave a message, we will send the size randomly.

*Shipping fee is not included.

* We will give presents for each orders separately.But total amount of orders cannot be combined.

ex.) Make 3 orders of $70, $100, $250 -> Get one antler parts for $100 order and doll blanket for $250 order but orders can’t be combined to get $350 gift.

* You can still combine orders to save shipping fee.


Antlers (small size on Monday's Child doll)

Antlers (small size on Monday’s Child doll)

Doll carrier blanket (2 sizes shown)

Doll carrier blanket (2 sizes shown)

Christmas dress in 2 sizes

Christmas dress in 2 sizes