~Anemone~ by MaskCatDoll


img_4088Anemone is the  first 1/4 size girl from MaskCatDoll.  She was released last month as part of their third anniversary celebration.  The doll is 42cm tall and can be ordered in four resin colors: normal, white, pink and tan.  My Anemone is cast in normal skin.  She arrived in a narrow packing box.  Her doll box fit snuggly inside.

Anemone’s box is actually a very nice little suitcase. My larger doll from the company also came in a similar box.


On opening the case, I discovered a black wig and a box with a pair of acrylic eyes on top. As is usual for MaskCat, the packaging is quite pretty.


Anemone was securely nestled in her quilt. There was no damage to the doll, the box or it’s contents in shipping.


Here she is without the bubble wrapping:


While the trend for several years has been towards BJDs with img_4098double joints for maximum poseability, this is actually the third doll I have reviewed recently that was constructed with single joints.

While a ball joint limits the types of poses that a BJD can take, they are considered by many to be more aesthetically pleasing.  Anemone also does not have a torso joint at all. The artist was clearly more interested in creating a beautifully modeled torso.


Anemone was able to stand up unassisted with a little adjusting. She is built like a pre-pubescent girl. Clothing made for Volks MSD size dolls will probably fit her.


Here is a close-up of the head and torso with a face-up added to the head.  Her head moves well side to side ad back, but less so looking down.


The eyes I decided to install are dark green glass. Anemone has small teeth showing in a slightly open mouth.  They can be painted or simply colored to match the inside of her mouth.


The black wig is pretty with straight hair.  Here Anemone also tries on various 7/8 size wigs in other colors.


Here you can see how the legs and arms pose.  The arms can touch to top of the head or the forehead, but not the lower face and chin.


The knees, while limited in posing, have no jutting parts that can look unnatural when bent. The joints would look less conspicuous under clothing.


The doll’s legs allow simple poses.



The ball of the thigh allows some movement to the side.


This lounging photo shows how beautiful the lines are for this body.


Finally, I worked a little more on the face-up and tried on an outfit.  The dress originally came from Bergemann Dolls.  It fit Anemone very well.





Anemone is a very reasonably priced doll when you consider that the cost includes a wig, eyes and her sturdy and attractive carrying case. She may not be the best doll for a collector that likes complicated posing, but for those that are looking simply for a sweet doll with a lovely sculpt and realistic body, she may be the perfect choice.

Photos from MaskCatDoll: