Gloomy Yuria Release + Event

Little Monica has released new Gloomy Yuria and has also launched a new event in her honor.

Gloomy Yuria is sold as both a basic doll or as a full-set. The basic doll comes in normal or white skin resin with a choice of Harmony or Grace Harmony body and with a choice of  hands and feet. Options include a face-up (choose from 2 styles), partial or full body blushing, eyes (2 pairs to choose from), wig, outfit, shoes and ear piercing. The outfit will fit the Grace body only. A free “secret” head is also available. It may be ordered in normal or white, blank or with a face-up.

The full package version of Gloomy Yuria will come with a Grace body in normal or white resin, with a choice of hands and feet. Customers may select a face-up and a choice of eyes. Also included are the wig, outfit and shoes. The “secret” head will be given as a free gift. Additional options include body blushing, ear piercing and a face-up for the secret head.

From the company:

Hello, it’s Little Monica!
Today, 2016 winter limited Gloomy Yuira
who is one of the member of the Loyal Monica Family releases!

Gloomy Yuria must be purchased as the only full body.
you can choose either the new Grace Harmony Girl(with Heel Leg) body or the Harmony Body.
But the Gloomy Yuira’s default outfit can be only compatible with Grace Harmony Girl Body.

We give a free secret head to all people who purchase the gloomy Yuria full set.ver,
also please do not miss the event to give a free extra basic head if you purchase over $1,000.

Gloomy Yuria full set.ver sale period : 9th DEC 2016 ~ 23rd DEC 2016
(5.p.m Standard Korean Time)

Furthermore, the secret head event and nail event have being progressed right now.
Please give your love to Little monica’s 2016 winter event. (see below:)



gloomy-yuria-face gloomy-yuria