Loongsoul 2nd Event

Eastern Young Blue Dragon – Chi and Chi Human version are now at LoongSoul. The 26cm tall doll is available in a variety of resin colors. Customers may select a boy or girl body.

The dragon version of Chi comes with an anthro dragon body. Eyes, a pair of horns, a mask and a tail are also included. Options include a face-up, body and parts blushing, and human parts (blank or painted). Chi may also be purchased as a full-set face-up, eyes, wig, outfit, parts and parts blushing included.

Chi human comes with a 1 or 3 part torso body. Options include a face-up, body blushing, clothes and wig. Optionally, the doll may be purchased as a full-set with everything included.

Loongsoul has two events now running. The first is a discount event for all new dolls including Chi. the second is a gift event.

From the company: