SWITCH Releases

SWITCH will be releasing a series of items next week.  On December 5th, they will release new shoes Jumping and outfit Oh! my Sailor. ~Pioneer for HD60 65 and similar size boys. On December 6th the Prism shirt will be offered.On December 7th, the clothing set Oh! My Detective 2016 will be sold. Finally, the wig Crumble Cut will be available on December 15th. All will be released at 14:00 Korea time.

Limited numbers of each item may be ordered by a customer. The shoes for most 60-65cm boys. The clothing fits Humming Dolly and similar size 1/3 boy bodies. Prism may be ordered in white or light blue, Oh! My Detective comes in two packages, “awesome” and “great”.One includes a sports bag, the other a backpack. The 1/3 wig will be sold in 3 sizes and a choice from four colors (see chart below).