Koori and Yuki – Magical Milky Way

Koori and Yuki – Magical Milky Way are two new Special Order dolls at The Gem. Both Little Gem BJDs are sold in normal, tawny or cream white skin resin.

1/4 size Koori and Yuki may be ordered with a regular or a romantic-eyed pointed eared head. Optionally both heads may be ordered. A boy or girl body may be selected. Other options include a face-up for one or two heads, body blushing, “magic wing” part, blushing for magic wings and green or blue space Soom eyes. The outfits, wigs and shoes may be purchased separately.

A Christmas Kit version of Yuki and Koori may also be ordered. The doll is sent in parts with instructions and everything needed to assemble it. Both heads, the magic wing part and Soom eyes may be added to the order.

The pre-order for The Magical Milky Way dolls ends December 16th at 5:00 PM Korea time.


yuki-koori yuki-koori-heads kooki-wings