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Comi Baby Doll has been releasing sweet 1/4 girls. Their most recent dolls are CiCi and LuLu.  BJDcollectasy recently reviewed their doll Peridot with the company’s first doll body.


Q: To start, can you tell me about a little about Comi?

A: Hi everyone, I am Haru, One of sculptors in the Comi Baby studio. First of all we are glad to accept your interview! Thank you so much for giving us a chance to show Comi Baby to everyone. Comi Baby is a group of designers in Switzerland, Germany and China.

Q: Can you tell me about the others that work with you?

A: I would like to call them copartners, and yes we have 5 people working together. They have their own work, but we all LOVE BJDs! They are BJD artists including Modeling designer\Make-up artist\Doll Dress designer.  Also, Some copartners are Concept Designer\ Fashion magazine editor and they give us suggestions and light our way.

Q: Are all of you doll collectors as well?

A: Our group is totally seven people. Five are doll collectors and the others are consultants from fashion magazine industry.

Q: Where are you located? When did you open??

heart-handsA: I’m from Germany, but right now I work in Switzerland, My real job is as a consultant in an engineering company. I and my friends had this idea last year  in autumn. We started in the spring of this year.

Q: Who is Comilla Liu? How did she help you?

A: Comilla Liu is a famous BJD writer in China. She has already published 2 books about Ball Joint Doll in China and Taiwan. Meanwhile she has already been part of this industry for a decade. Her experiences make her the best person to take charge in manufacturing and consulting. She is the soul of our studio.

Q: You all come from so many places! How did you get together and form a company?

A: I got to know Comilla in HongKong at 2015 Dollism Plus. A few months later she invited me to Dolly Paradise in Beijing China, the most famous doll event in China. We had a great time there, then she came up with the idea of making our own brand and introduced lots of her BJD fans and fashion and industrial friends to me.

Q: So far all of your dolls are 1/4 size younger girls. Is that the favorite size and type of doll for all of you?

A: Yes, it’s my most favorite size and also the favorite size of Comilla, but in 2017 we have plans to make a new size.

Q: Will Comi introduce boys as well?

A: So far we love girls more, but who knows. Maybe one day in future…


Comi Baby Doll

~Peridot~ a review


CiCi and LuLu

CiCi and LuLu



peridot baby body



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