Rosen Lied 4th Photo Contest

Rosen Lied’s 4th annual photo contest is now open.

From the company:


Event Period: November 25th ~ December 25th

How to Participate:

1. Take photo of Rosenlied’s doll
2. Photo size: 1024*768 pixel or larger (Recommended size: 2400*1920 pixel)
3. You can send us up to 3 photos
4. Send photos to “rosenlied@naver.com”. (This is e-mail just for event participation)
5. Please don’t forget to include ID, Name, Address, Phone number, E-mail address.

* Special SNS Event

Upload 1 or more Photos on your public SNS and send us the link and ID to
our event e-mail address “rosenlied@naver.com”.

We will give $3 mileage point to everyone who participate on this event.
This event only applies once for every ID. Multiple participation will be not counted.

By SNS. it included any public online plased such ans blog, twitter, facebook, flickr, weibo,
instagram and etc. If you can’t provide exact link, you can apply by send us captured image.

* Photo contest and SNS event is separate event. You can participate on both events.

* “rosenlied@naver.com” is only for event purpose. No reply will be sent.

* You need to have Rosenlied’s shopping mall ID to participate.

Event Prizes:

1st : Basic Holiday’s child to 1 person
(Winner can choose the type and skin color)

2nd : Mileage point $200 to 1 person
3rd : Mileage point $100 to 1 person
4th : Mileage point $50 to 1 person
5th : Mileage point $30 to 1 person
6th : Mileage point $5 to 10 people

* All photos participated for our photo contest can be used on our main site
as banner and also can be used to create photo book and calendar.
It also will be used for our post cards and blog as well 🙂


Twitter Event!!

* How to participate

1. If you don’t have twitter ID, sign up on twitter.

2. Follow Rosenlied’s twitter (@rosenlied1)

3. RT this post!!

4. Event period is November 17th ~ November 27th.

5. We will select 1 winner from everyone who re-tweet this post.

6. Announcement of winner will be on December 7th.

7. We will send DM to the winner so please check~

Rosenlied’s twitter


* Twitter event gift: