Doll Legend Christmas Event

Doll Legend’s 2016 Christmas Event has begun. Three new 1/4 size dolls have been released: Huo He and new Chubby Baby Line dolls Huben and Miaoji.  All of the dolls may be purchased in opaque normal pink, normal yellow or white resin or in the translucent normal pink, normal yellow, white, grey or tan.

42cm tall Huo He is sold blank with a 2 or 3 part torso body. 41cm Huben and Miaoji come with a boy or girl body. All three dolls may be ordered with optional face-ups or as full-sets.

Doll Legend are available internationally through their authorized dealers including  Alice’s Collections. At this time, the company is holding an event.

From the company:

2016 Christmas Event (2016.11.25 – 2016.12.31) :
* New Dolls Huo He, Huben, Miaoji: 12% off + same size jointed hands as gift.
* All other dolls & doll bodies: 10% off, add USD30 to get a pair of same size jointed hands.
* Jointed Hands: USD65/pair.


Huo He