~Moco~ Anthro Bunny by DollPamm



This year Dr. Mez of DollPamm has been very busy releasing new BJDs. He added to his current lines with dolls Shota Ricky, Tiny Line Uva and Pepe Mint, then introduced new doll lines Bobble- head Loli Cucu and Pica and his first Zoo Series dolls Bunny Moco and Fox Sipo.

The anthro BJDs, Sipo and Moco, came in colors combinations pink, grey or orange with white. They are not limited editions, but the artist said that they will be released infrequently.

I ordered a Bunny Moco during her debut pre-order.  She arrived in October.  My girl was cast in pink and white resin.  When she arrived in a doll box that was thinner and a little longer than a typical shoe box, I was surprised that her box was so small. At 17.5cm tall (excluding ears) Moco isn’t big, but due to the shape of her body plus the added height when her ears are attached, she gives the impression of being a much larger doll.


Open box with lid

Moco was packed well. The magnetic ears and tail were wrapped in foam sheeting and placed in the bottom compartment. The Zoo dolls were only sold blank. Moco and Sipo share the same bodies. Customers could choose a boy or girl version for their doll.


Without foam sheet on the top

Despite her little feet, I was able to easily stand Moco up right out of the box. Since her feet have paw pads and are not large, I was really impressed that she stood unaided so easily!


In a photo from the side, you can see that her perky little tail attaches high up on the rump.



And here she is blushed. I gave her a face-up, with a little added color around her collar bone and a little blushing on all of her pink resin parts.

moco-stand-front moco-stand-side

Moco does not have any double joints, yet she can pose in a wide variety of ways that many dolls with single joints can’t achieve. Her secret is in the joint construction. Her shoulder joints, for example, are designed for the elastic strings to move in a groove that allows her to put her paws on her face, chin and at the top of her head.  This is a simple but practical design. Her paws can’t reach the very top of her head only because her head is large in proportion to her body. She can’t quite do all of the arm poses of a double-jointed doll, but she can do a lot.

The ball of the shoulder joint

The ball of the shoulder joint

The legs are also easy to pose and can be positioned in many ways.  This is due to the large ball for the hip joint and the way the thigh can move all around it. Quite a number of doll makers have used a similar style of hip joint and here it also works well as a divide between the white torso and stocking-like lower legs.


Despite not having a torso joint, Moco is still versatile at posing.

moco-sit-garden oco-wave-garden moco-behind-garden

Moco will be returning to BJDcollectasy next month with a furniture project.  By then I hope to have her fully dressed with perhaps a bit of fur for the top of her head. Maybe she will bring a few friends, too!


moco-cross-legged moco-chair-kneel


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