New Loongsoul Limited Editions

Two new dolls are now at LoongSoul. Son of PiXiu·Lu and Daughter of TaoTie·Lan are 1/4 BJDs. Each is a a limited edition of only 60 dolls. Both may be purchased as basic dolls in opaque or translucent “french” resin in colors normal pink or white. A pair of glass eyes will be included. Son of PiXiu·Lu comes with both human and animal arms and legs. Daughter of TaoTie·Lan includes magnetic horns.

Options for Son of PiXiu·Lu include a face-up, body blushing, wig and outfit. Options for Daughter of TaoTie·Lan include body typoe, breast size, face-up, body blushing, wig and outfit.

Loongsoul is offering a discount event for both dolls.

From the company:

Daughter of TaoTie·Lan & Son of PiXiu·Lu
60 sets worldwide limited
Release Date: 16th Nov,2016-18th Feb,2017
From 16th Nov,2016 to 16th Dec,2016, you will enjoy 12% off.
From 17th Dec,2016 to 17th Jan,2017, you will enjoy 10% off.
From 18th Jan,2017 to 18th Feb,2017, you will enjoy 5% off.
PS: Daughter of TaoTie·Lan(bare) does not attend other events.