Jin Returns

Jin is back at Fantasia The 70cm tall BJD comes in normal, white or tan skin resin.  Jupiter is sold as a head-only or as a full  doll. he comes blank with a random color pair of eyes included. Optionally both heads, regular and sleepy, may be ordered.

At this time the company is holding a discount event. Jin, Jupiter, Vivian, Alice and Isaac are all on sale until the end of the month.

From Fantasia:

Fantasia’s Fly me to the moon series of “Jupiter” have been Re-Released!

We’d like to ask for your attention!
Also, we are currently having a 30% promotion for Fly to the moon series.
Please come and check it out more details in Fantasia’s website.

http://fantasia-english.com/ <<- ENGLISH website

Fantasia doll <<- CHINESE website