Nyashko Familiar Pre-order

Russian company DemiurgeDolls has opened a new pre-order for their Familiar doll Nyashko. He is 20cm tall.

From the company:

You can choose one of the two faceplates:
A. Standard face (eye sockets)
B. Smiley face (no eye sockets, blank, may assume any expression)
If you choose faceplate with eye-sockets eyes, your gift – eyes (random color)
In order you will get one of pair random gesture hands (photo 1) as a gift
Your order includes assembled basic doll with Faceplate A or B and default hands. You may choose normal or white resin.

You can order additionally:
– faceplate (eye sockets)
– gesture hands (A,B,C,D)

Wigs, make up, clothes and accessories are not included.