Evie’s Sanctum Nandi

Evie’s Sanctum is selling a limited number of Nandi heads on Flickr.

From the artist:

Nandi Official Release by Evie ex Machina, on Flickr

As an active member of the BJD community and faceup artist for almost 10 years, I am happy to finally announce the release of my own head sculpt Nandi.
Nandi is my first professionally cast head. I wanted to create a rather stylized head with an androgynous vibe that would open a lot of possibilities as to styling and painting.
Nandi is a smaller head and fits on most girl or boy bodies in the 60 cm range.
Bodies I tried that fit well: Mirodoll 60 cm girl, Zaoll, Volks SD 10 girl, Demon Garden 60 cm boy, Luts Delf boy, FDoll 60 cm boy, Leeke 60 cm gentle body

Some Nandi heads are in stock!
You can order directly from me by mail or PM. The heads ship from Germany. I need to calculate international shipping costs individually, depending on your requests.

Volks NS is already sold out! Sorry. Please contact me if you want Volks NS.