Mint on Card News

Mint on Card  has announced that they will temporarily limit the number of doll brands they will be selling as co-owner Lindsey will be away regularly for a while.

From the store:

Because Lindsey is responsible for listing new merchandise, submitting orders to companies, and communicating problems to companies, it makes it difficult for MoC to operate as usual when she is not around. In order for MoC to continue to run smoothly we have to reduce Lindsey’s work load, that means we will not be able to carry all of the BJD brands that we currently offer. As of today the only brands that we will regularly stock, and still offer pre-orders for are:
Doll Chateau
Code Noir
All other brands will not be available for pre-order until an undetermined date. We will still be receiving orders from all brands until all customer pre-orders have been filled.

More information may be found on the MoC Facebook page.