Color Me Red and November Event

FreedomTeller is now taking orders for Color Me Red fashions for  1/3 and 70cm boy BJDs. The ordering period will run until November 30th (Korea time) and shipping will run from November 20th to December 15th so the outfits may arrive in time for Christmas. Free gifts will be included with purchases.

From the company:

UPDATE Man’s new item [Color me Red] & November Event on FreedomTeller.com
(SDGR, 16, 17, 70cm, & SID, EID Homme)
http://www.freedomteller.com / Freedom Teller (@FreedomTeller) | Twitter / Freedom Teller

[Event] Man’s new item [Color me Red] & November Event

We’re happy to inform you that we’ve made our Man’s new item [Color me Red] & November Event

‘November Event (2016) ‘
…………………………..’ Color Me Red (Pola T)’…………………………..
– SD13, SD17, 70cm Homme –

During the November event , we will send you a special Christmas gift who order the event item below.

* Make an order ‘Colour Me Red’ or ‘Overfit Coat (Double Breasted)’
* Gift: (1)’Fur Muffler’-Black (2)’Fur Muffler’-Brown (3)’Necklace(+Ribbon)’ Please select one in 3 items
* Please select the gift from drop down menu in option
* Color Me Red (Tux) will send ‘Necklace Only’ / OverCoat (Double Breasted) will send ‘Necklace+Ribbon’ in (3) gift. We will send in random

* Gift will be only available during the event period, and we will move it to basic category, so you could order after the event time