VIPO: V-07

After a hiatus, a new VIPO series head will be introduced at Granado. Only 20 VIPO V-07 heads will be sold at this time. Two versions are being sold: Normal and Nightmare. At this time, VIP Customers may choose their favorite or purchase both heads. V-07 may be ordered in any of the company’s standard resin colors. A 70cm (including head) tall Evol or Embody body may be added.  Other options include a face-up for one or both heads, additional hand sets, ball jointed hands and eyes.

Due to the limited number of heads being sold, purchase of the heads will be decided by lottery.

From the company:

It is a long time we haven’t update our VIPO series.
After two years and a half, Here is V-07!
This time, V-07 will be limited to 20 contracts.

To enter the draw for the contracts, you must be one of our VIPs.
(members who have purchased one or more dolls from Granado).

**How to Enter the Draw**
If you are interested, please email us your certificate number to dpp.doll@gmail.com
with the subject line “Draw for V-07”.
Your name or previous order ID would be needed in the mail.

Opening Date: 3 Nov 2016
Closing Date: 8 Nov 2016

Winners will be announced on: 9 Nov 2016
Winners must place the order for their V-07s by 11 Nov 2016

**For Winners**
Special instructions will be emailed to you regarding how to make full payments for your V-07.

**For Public**
If there are any unclaimed V-07 Contracts, they will be released to the public on 13 Nov 2016.
After you have made the payment, you will automatically become our VIP and can enjoy our special offers in future.

If you order both heads with Embody or Evol body set, we will offer a $40 discount.

Please contact us by QnA Board or Mail after you made the payment.
Then we will offer you a refund via PayPal.
But it must be in the same order ID.
If you place a layaway order, all discount will be issued after all payments are finished.

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Resin color options

Resin color options