Charles’ Creature Cabinet News

Charles’ Creature Cabinet has a very limited number of dolls now in-stock. The shipping schedule has been updated.

From the company:

We’ve just returned from a wonderful BJD show LDoll Festival in Lyon France.
We’re excited to share that we have got some very limited numbers left:

**Batty Boo, in four colors: lavender, black, pink and white
CCC’s Exclusive: Batty Boo White Including: Unique “Gothic Lolita Outfit” hand made by Fairy Fragilities Murjani Kusumobroto. All 6 outfits are unique and varying in design and colors.
**PuDge in four colors: pale pink, pale grey, tan, choco tan
Baby piggy 6cm BJD, a friend for pOink

Green GID CCC Creatures
**Nana 6cm Ginger Root Gnome “Green” (Glow green) Limited Edition 10LE world wide
**Aggie Pebbles 8cm Ugly Woodling Troll “Green” (Glow green) Limited Edition 10LE world wide
**Augie BamBam 8cm Ugly Woodling Troll “Green” (Glow green) Limited Edition 10LE word wide
Shipping updates
**We’ve been having delays with shipping because of busy preparations for LDoll Festival and our Howling Halloween Squeal Event**
Within the next couple of days we will be packing and shipping:
**PuDge baby piggy 6cm
**Shinju pet baby mermaid 8cm GID
In stock Vampire Boys Nakal & Doerak, Poppy Fae Bug

Expected to arrive here with us this month:
**Tuula Tuuliki tan and fair
Enchant yourself & Thank you for sharing the Glow