~Rin the Dragon~ a Review



Donny Harijanto of Dream High Studio began his collaboration with Russian artist Mariya Zhukova earlier this year. Their first joint project was a little dragon named Rin, designed by Mariya and cast by Donny.  


Rin was released as a limited edition painted version along with a little dragon rider named Firya (a doll by Donny). Customers later had an opportunity to purchase another limited edition Rin that came blank in a variety of resin colors.

When I first saw Mariya’s doll, it was love at first sight! I was honored to recently receive my own unique Rin from the artists. My doll is cast in pink resin with full face-up and body blushing by Donny.

Having acquired a number of dolls by Dream High Studio over the years, I expected another diminutive box to arrive at my home. While not big, the box I signed for was huge by DHS standards! Inside was a wicker basket painted lavender.


When I opened it up, I found the basket had been foam-lined. I took off the foam sheet on top and found a photo of Rin in his first version on top.

Rin was completely wrapped in bubble wrap. His eyes were installed in his head.


The eyes are beautiful!  They were custom made for Rin by Donny. The horned head-cap was wrapped separately.


There was an acrylic-covered card signed by both artists included as well.


11cm Rin does not have any double joints, but this does’t mean that posing options are that limited.  Rin has a lot of joints! He is perfectly capable of posing on all-four feet…

rin-dragon-pose rin-dragon3

…and on his hind legs.


His tail may be used as a third support so he can stand.

rin-stand-2 rin-stand3 rin-stand

Here is a comparison with previous dolls by Donny and Mariya’s Rin.

Rin is definitely now the largest DHS doll in my collection. The smallest is 5cm Piko. The tallest are 14cm Ossia and Gaia.


(From left) Ossia Deer with Micro Piko, Harpy Fairy, Rin, Flora Fairy and Gaia the Forest Fairy

Rin is not too tightly strung.  This will allow him to pose well yet cause less wear and tear to his body painting.  It takes a little extra care to balance him “just so” but it is worth the effort. I was able to pose him in various places around the garden including in a bush. The joints all work in tandem when positioning  him. If Rin feels a little unsteady in one spot, his feet and tail can be shifted around until he balances.




The partnership between Mariya and Donny produced quite an amazing critter!  Pinch theCrab, the second doll by Mariya that was released by Dream High, is another unique and cleverly-designed doll. A new little pet should be released soon. I look forward to seeing more interesting and amazing creations by the pair.

Dream High Studio 


HDR dragon 14 copy

HDR dragon 26 copy

HDR dragon 4 copy




green faceup

Crab by Mariya and Donny: