Volks USA Holiday Greeting One-offs

Volks USA will hold a purchase lottery in November for a number of one-off dolls. Lottery applications will be accepted from November 1st 11:00 AM to November 10th at 6:00PM Pacific time. Full information and doll photos may be found on the website HERE.

From the company:

Thank you very much for your continued support of VOLKS USA, INC.!

It is supremely happy to be able to share this Holiday Season with everyone.

We are proud to announce that will we be hosting our 3rd Annual Super Dollfie® Holiday Greeting event for 2016.

We would like to show our appreciation to our customers throughout North America with one of our largest web events at the end of the year!

These Super Dollfie® have been born into this world specifically for you, and will not be reappearing anywhere else in the world.

We hope that your Holidays will become more entertaining and fun with our “Holiday Greeting” events!!