Brother and Sister Bodies

A new tall slender Pocket Fairy body will be introduced soon from Blue Fairy. A pre-order for the 22cm Brother and Sister body dolls will be open soon with a new resin color added, “snow white”.  The Pocket fairy dolls may be ordered in a variety of sculpts (see below).

From the company:

We are so excited to announce that we are going to release the new bodies for Pocket Fairy.

To celebrate this release, the “PF Sister body & PF Brother body” and the new color, “Snow White Skin” will be available from Oct 24th, 2016 to Oct 31st, 2016. All the normal types of Pocket Fairy with new bodies will be available during the event period. (Please note only new bodies will be available for the body option.)

Pre-order Period:
From 11am, Oct 24, 2016
To 5pm, Oct 31, 2016 (during 8 days)

How To:
via Pre-Order category on the left side menu of Bluefairy website
Link : Bluefairy International-I’ll alway be here for you

Payment Due:
Within 3 business days after the order

Lead Time:
40-50 business days after the payment confirmation

We appreciate your support to the new Pocket Fairy Sister body and Brother body.