LoongSoul New Dolls

LuBai-Qiu and Lilac Fairy-ZhiDing are new BJDs from LoongSoul. Both dolls may be purchased in normal pink, normal yellow, white or imported normal pink, normal yellow, white, real or tan skin resin.

LuBai-Qiu may be ordered in two different sizes, 73.5cm or 80cm. He is sold blank with optional face-up, body blushing, outfit and wig.

Lilac Fairy-ZhiDing is 69cm tall. She may be ordered with extra small, small, medium or large breasts.Options include a face-up and body blushing.

At this time Loongsoul is holding their 8th Anniversary Event. The event information may be found on the BJDcollectasy Company/Retail Sale Events. The dolls may be purchased from the company or their authorized retailers.