Narae 60 Body Released

artBimong has pre-orders open new Narae 60cm body for 10 days, closing October 25th.  Layaway is available. Customers that purchase a body or a full doll will receive a free Dandelion head and a pair of heel feet as a gift.

The 58cm body comes in normal, white, or tan skin resin. Various 1/3 heads are available. A face-up in three different styles by VioletWolf is optionally available.

From the artist:

Hello, I’m Doll designer, Bimong.

Finally, we are able to start the pre-order of big size body of NARAE.

It might be not enough for us although we have modified it again and again.

However, we have made it by our hands only as you know.

So we hope to like it and be happy for you.

To pay all at once for this product might be hard for you.

So we fully understood you and considered it by your side, and then made a decision to divided payments.

Also, you should know one important thing.

This order, divided payments, can NOT be refunded or cancelled in the middle of copy process.

So please remind it and make a decision carefully.

When you order, you remit 30% of total amount in time of order, and remit 30% again within 15th next month, and remit 40% again within 15th Dec.

After you order at the beginning, the product will be produced instantly, and then it will be holding until you pay all. – In the meantime, we will let you know how it is processing, with its picture or information.

Shipping will be delivered one by one to customer who pay all firstly.

Moreover, free gifts will be given all customers who pay all at once or divided payment.

Its color may be same color with your ordered doll.

But in case of the redesigned Dandelion Head (size 60cm), it is not included and is only for customers who bought full set of body and head as under notice, because of un-matching its balance between head and body.

I have decided to provide the new Dandelion head all customers for a gift who purchase Narae 58cm body only too.

In this time, we would like to thank you, all customers who loved Dandelion version.
If you send a picture included you and Dandelion doll such as two-shot and certification for purchase by email, we will get the renewed Dandelion head.

We are very happy to see you and to make the dolls again.

So we promise you to make high-quality products by our hands and to listen your words carefully.

Therefore, please feel free to let us know what you want at any time by Flickr and Instagram.

We will do our best to make good products.

We look forwards to see your beautiful picture soon.