Enrill Human and Vampire

Little Monica has released Limited Edition Gloomy Enrill in both a human and vampire version for Halloween. Both 1/3 dolls may be purchased as basic or full-sets. They come in normal or white skin resin.

Basic Enrill Human and Vampire are sold blank.  Extras include a face-up (human or vampire style), body blushing, vampire hands (blank or blushed), wig, eyes, both human and vampire teeth, vampire hands and extra head (blank or with face-up).

Full-set Enrill Human and Vampire come with everything listed except an extra head. A second head may be added with or without face-up.

For the first 10 days of the ordering period, Gloomy Enrill comes with free gifts. Halloween Gloomy Enrill is available until November 21st Korean time.

From the company:

On 14th October, Vampire will be
coming what makes your blood cold.

Welcome to Halloween, we will give you not only Vampire Hand Parts but also
Vampire teeth parts during special sales for 10 days.

Please look forward to the Creepy Halloween with Little Monica!

human-gloomy-enrill vampire-gloomy-enrill