Poppedijn is a new doll in-progress from FreakStyleBJD. The 1/6 size BJD will be released at Ldoll Festival  in OOAK full-sets with face-ups by artist Bangarang and outfits by Raouken.

From FreakStyle:

[Poppedijn: Old Dutch word combining the words “your” and “doll”]

Somewhere deep within Fairytale Land, lives a little person. Only 30cm tall, seemingly genderless, changing appearance whenever it wants. Poppedijn is its name. It is said that when you befriend it, joy will follow you where-ever you go.

Hello, dear people! Raouken and I are proud to show you our new joint project. The doll is sculpted and cast by me, using a different color for each new cast, and every copy will have a fully hand embroidered outfit created by Raouken, resulting in a true OOAK fullset. Not one will be the same.
On LDoll, three will be available, in the colors grey, white, and mint-green.

 Layaway up to SIX months is available as always