New Narae 60 Body

artBimong has created a new Narae 60cm body.  It will go on sale for 10 days starting October 15th.  The artist posted a long letter about the new body and other planned releases.

From the artist:

I am doll designer Bimong.
It is very pleasure of you to write this letter in person.
We are now able to introduce you new body of NARAE 60cm after a 10 years hiatus.

As we showed its production process by Flickr and Instagram (ID : bimong11) for 4 months,we finally made it.
We are success to completely remove the cases of twisting and sliding the joints through the study of Triple-rail structure of the knee joints and improvement the Multi-joints such as the double-joints of shoulder.

As a result, it doesn’t need to put the silicon ring for anti slip between the joints, and is possible to pose naturally like ballerina’s detailed action with body flow.
New joints are made for the movement of wide angle and not seeing the rubber hole from each joint.

So now, we are preparing to change the method of pre-order as below.
First, the pre-order is possible to order during 10 days only from midnight 15th to 25th Oct (KST).
If homepage may have technical problems, please send an email with your personal information(your name, address, phone number, and so on) and parts what you want, and then we will reply or add your name in the order list.
If you order within the above pre-order period, we will send the free gifts; high quality foots of high-heeled and toe shoes.
Parts for free can NOT be purchased separately.
However, we are concerning to sell it to only customers who purchased during regular pre-order period.
Unless the transaction of silicon mold in replication factory produced from today might have problem, the production period will take approximately a week.
Your order will be dispatched in 2 weeks, from your order date.
If orders are heavy, we will let you know ASAP –individually or notice in our homepage.

Head and body can be purchased separately, the price of head is 150 dollars and the price of body is 850.
It might be high price for you, but it is for Customer Service because we are preparing the service of paid or free exchange.

Second, we have a plan to renew the menu simply in the homepage until pre-order is started.
So now, we are considering the part not for sale is provided to customer who uploads the best popular picture in Gallery menu in the homepage after renewal.
Limited edition will be updated the new produced head, clothes, props, and name plate version added serial number, and so on after design new produced certification. – It is not the same with the previous method of sale such as sold separately.
Also, old body will be renewed with feeling of origin body and added new joints.
We are very happy to show you all new and upgrade versions with new technologies.

Furthermore, we will carefully listen your voices and idea what you want to be designed after open Support menu in the homepage. So please keep an eye on.
For example, if minimum 20 customers want to buy same parts, it will be provided preferentially as the limited offer.
If you have more question and opinion, please send an email or write it down in Q&A menu of the homepage after open.

Thanks for reading our long letter and we will keep to provide the lovely dolls.

Best regards,
Doll designer Bimong