Luts for Halloween

Luts is celebrating Halloween with the release of limited edition witches along with the return of the pumpkin head.

Limited edition 1/3  Senior Delf Flora Witch may be ordered in a variety of body options. She is sold as a blank basic doll with a pair of glass eyes. Optional additions include a face-up, body blushing and the inclusion of both regular and heel legs. The witch outfit is sold separately.

1/8 size Limited Tiny Delf Little Witches are available with a choice from a wide assortment of doll heads. They are  sold blank with a pair of glass eyes. The witch outfit for Tiny Delf dolls is sold separately.

All of the dolls may be ordered in normal, white, brown, grey, light tan or tan skin resin. They will be available until November 7th.

The pumpkin head is available for Honey and Kid Delf dolls. The head includes a blinking light. It is being sold until October 31st.