Dolk’s 10th Picture Contest

For the 10th year, Dolk is holding as picture contest. Full event information is HERE.

From the store:

This year DOLKS celebrating our 10th year anniversary and DOLKS US also celebrating 2nd Anniversary. In this celebration we ask everyone to join us in our simple appreciation as we have picture competition with the theme: “Halloween-Bjd 2016.

You can send your entries up to 5 pictures with original or edited background.

[Application Period] From Sep.30, 2016 to Oct.23, 2016
[Announcement of Winners] On Oct.31, 2016 At Special page.

[1st Prize] “Sage Fei” Full set (item detail page)
[2nd Prize] DOLK Points 100
[3rd Prize] DOLK Points 75
[4th to 10th Prizes] DOLK Points 20

* “Dolk Points” is the benefit that Dolks Members can use for shopping on dolkstation, 1 point is equivalent to $1.
* The top 10 winners’ pictures will be posted on our Facebook page.