Halloween Releases form Peak’s Woods

Peak’s Woods is now selling special Fairy of Fairytales Emerald Castle Halloween dolls.  The releases include vampire versions of Star Prince, Sassy Rosy, Fox Goon and Dorothy. They and  will be available through the month of October.

The Emerald Castle dolls come in a variety of resin colors including normal, white, lavender, suntan, blue-grey skin and new pale emerald green resin. They are sold blank with a genderless or boy body. Options include a face-up, fist hands, jewel eyes, outfit and “bite mark”.

Peak’s Woods is also re-releasing two other limited edition series Vampire Fairy FoF and School of Rock FoB Vampires. They will be able to be ordered in all resin colors including green. The clothing for these dolls is not available.

From the company:

Hi, this is Peak’s Woods.
Peak’s Woods is happily announcing a new LE FOFs, “Emerald Castle” for Halloween Special 2016.

You will meet the following adorable characters in new skin color, Emerald Green.

*New Release
LE FOFs : “Emerald Castle”

Emerald Green skin will be offered for the re-released items as well.

LE FOFs : “V.F. Series”
LE FOBs: “School of Rock”

Ordering period : October 1 ~ October 31, 2016 (Layaway is available)

* 3+1 EVENT : If you order three dolls directly from PW website during this event,
one doll(any type you choose in same size, with any options including skin color and no make-up) will be given as a present.

You can also have other skin options of white, normal, suntan, blue-grey, and lavender-pink for the items above.