Peak’s Woods for Halloween

Peak’s Woods is preparing special Fairy of Fairytales releases for Halloween. The 1/6 size dolls will be available through the month of October.

From the company:

Hi, this is Peak’s Woods.
Peak’s Woods is happily announcing a new LE FOFs, “Emerald Castle” for Halloween Special 2016.

You will meet the following adorable characters in new skin color, Emerald Green.

*New Release
LE FOFs : “Emerald Castle”

Emerald Green skin will be offered for the re-released items as well.

LE FOFs : “V.F. Series”
LE FOBs: “School of Rock”

Ordering period : October 1 ~ October 31, 2016 (Layaway is available)

* 3+1 EVENT : If you order three dolls directly from PW website during this event,
one doll(any type you choose in same size, with any options including skin color and no make-up) will be given as a present.

You can also have other skin options of white, normal, suntan, blue-grey, and lavender-pink for the items above.