Toopi Dolls In-stock BJDs

Toopi Dolls, a small company from Brazil, is preparing to sell a limited number of in-stock 1/6 Aurora and 1/8 Flora dolls.

From the artist Mariana:

Monday starts our little sale. There’ll be 3 Floras and 1 Aurora for sale in stock! If want one, run!!! 

You can see all the information in this post at our website: and at our Etsy store:

We’ll also be accepting simple face up commissions, and orders for wigs, carriage bags and Flora’s crochet dress. Keep in mind that Flora, as well as Aurora alway come with a carriage bag.

And remember that you can pay in 1, 2 or 3 installments (doll will be shipped after all the payment is done).

Have a doubt? Just ask us <3








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