Freedomteller ‘Hash Tags’ Event

FreedomTeller has announced a Hash Tags Event. The event is open to customers that own Freedomteller doll fashions.

From the store:

Freedomteller ‘Hash Tags’ Event! on FreedomTeller.com
(SD13, 16, 17, 70cm, & SID, EID Homme)
http://www.freedomteller.com / Freedom Teller (@FreedomTeller) | Twitter / Freedom Teller

[EVENT] Freedomteller ‘Hash Tags’ Event!


Please upload your doll pictures which dress up the Freedomteller’s clothes! We will take 2 winners and give our NEW item, Romantic Shirt as a gift in random.

Event period: September 10th ~ September 30th

Lottery date: October 1st

Gift shipping date: October 2nd


Romantic chiffon shirt for boys

Romantic chiffon shirt for girls

Chiffon tux shirt

Cotton tux shirt

Cotton tux shirt

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