Limited Edition Fairy Story Serena

Soul Doll introduces new  Limited edition Fairy Story Serena Centaur, Fairy Story Serena human The Centaur horse lower body is also available separately.

Both versions of Serena and the horse parts are offered in a choice of normal, white, sandy brown or grey resin.

For the full dolls, customers may choose either the human or centaur head or order two heads. 67cm tall Basic Centaur Serena  and Zenith Serena come with Soul Doll eyes. Options include a face-up for one or two heads, body blushing, and outfits shown for each doll. Centaur Serena’s additional options include a pair of antlers (blank or painted), plant stem for antlers and a spear (blank or painted). Serena Human’s additional options include heel feet and shoes. Separately offered horse parts may be ordered with body blushing.

Customers that purchase either version of Serena will receive free gifts.  They may choose a blond or white wig for their doll, and each doll will include three hand sets. Purchasers of Serena Centaur will additionally receive a human lower body.

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