Season Limited PomPom

Holiday’s Child PomPom is now being sold as a season limited doll at Rosen Lied.  The 39cm tall BJD may be ordered in normal or white skin resin. She will include a pair of glass eyes and a basic girl’s dress (dress, headdress and drawers). Options include a face-up (with or without eyelashes). PomPom will be available until October 9th.  Customers that order her will receive extra store points.

From the company:

Special mileage point event

To celebrate release of new season limited basic PomPom,
for all customers who order PomPom during this period
will receive 5 times greater mileage point for each doll.
* ex) 4.18 (origianl mileage point) x 5 = 20.9

Holiday’s children will only be sold as limited dolls. (Limited dolls or Season limited basic)

PomPom (7)

PomPom (8)


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